Our preferred implant system boasts very impressive success rates, allowing us to put you on the path to a confident smile for years to come!

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Want To Know How Dental Implants Could Change Your Life?

Solutions For Missing Teeth

Missing A Single

Tooth loss can be a very worrying time for most patients. We can now offer you the option of a fully functioning set of permanent dental implants Once fitted it is near impossible to tell the difference between that and any remaining teeth.

Multiple Missing

Whether it is one or multiple implants or a full arch our expert cosmetic dentists and orthodontists can give you back your smile and your confidence. Implants can be used to replace and support individual crowns or bridges and support from adjacent healthy teeth is not necessary.

Teeth In A

At Precision we offer placement of crowns and bridges immediately after dental implant surgery using techniques like the all-on-4. This means our experienced team can help you rebuild your smile and enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile in just one day


Our 10-minute consultation  is an informal chat to get to know each other. At this first meeting, we’ll take the time to understand your needs and provide general information and guidance to help you embark on the next stage of your journey.

Our 30-minute consultation is ideal if you’d like to discuss a specific problem or learn about a specific type of treatment. We allow ample time to discuss treatment needs and options, but your highly experienced dentist or clinician will also be on hand to give you advice, discuss treatment costs, payment options and outline next steps. Our dentist/specialist will carry out a brief intraoral assessment too. There is a fixed £50 fee for the consultation.

Why Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants are used as a means to replace a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth by means of titanium implant which is placed in the jaw bone and then a false tooth is fixed onto this. Implant are effective and safe and are a well established popular treatment for missing teeth.
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We offer (12 months 0% interest) finance and instalment plans


To make your journey to a superior smile as stress free as possible, we offer a range of 0% APR finance and instalment plans which allow you to spread the cost of your treatment in a manageable way and interest-free for 12 Months.


Finance can typically be arranged within 24 hours. If you opt to pay in instalments, 50% of the treatment cost must be paid upfront with the balance to be paid over the agreed timeframe.