The Assured Specialist

The assured specialist in orthodontics, we excel at complex teeth straightening and treating misaligned teeth, bite issues and jaw problems. Our team includes orthodontics specialists for your complete peace of mind – meaning we bring advanced knowledge and expertise to your treatment and through every stage of your journey with us.

Specialist Orthodontic treatments available at Precision

Specialist Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular treatment for adults and teens that uses clear removable plastic aligners, custom made digitally for the perfect fit. No two cases are the same and our experienced team will take a range of factors into account when mapping out your Invisalign treatment plan. Our specialist Invisalign allows us to tailor make the treatment to suit your individual needs. We can also use the very latest in orthodontic technology to demonstrate your predicted results before treatment starts.

Specialist Fixed Orthodontics

Our skilled orthodontists can rectify any type of malocclusions and bite issues, helping you to live more confidently. Our fixed orthodontic options include extensive treatment plans, painstakingly designed to fix issues in the shortest time possible. Clear or tooth coloured fixtures and wires are available for some of our appliances for total discretion. We offer traditional braces, Damon Self-Ligation and Lingual Braces (Harmony and Incognito). Your orthodontist will discuss the best option for you during your assessment appointment.

Orthodontic (12 Months 0% Interest) Payment Plans

Due to the complex nature of orthodontics, we understand that finances may be an issue. To make it easier to obtain the smile you’ve always wanted, we offer a range of 0% finance plans to spread the cost in a manageable way, along with options to pay for your treatment in instalments. Taking out a plan over a period that suits you ensures that you get the treatment you need, interest-free for 12 Months.

Invisalign treatments can be financed with a ‘pay as you go’ service. This allows patients to pay for treatment as and when they receive it rather than in a lump sum. If you opt to pay in instalments, 50% of the treatment cost must be paid upfront with the balance to be paid over the agreed timeframe.

If you’d like more information about payment options or finance, simply contact us. We’ll be able to suggest a suitable structure based on your individual treatment plan. We accept referrals for specialist orthodontic procedures from other dentists. To book your consultation and begin your journey with Precision Orthodontics, call or email.

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