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Overdentures are great for patients who wish to have the benefits of dental implants but don’t necessarily wish to go through bone grafting and gum grafting surgeries that is usually required for multiple single implants or do not wish to incur the time and costs involved with having multiple dental implants. Overdentures provide a large degree of stability because they are attached to and supported by the installation of dental implants in the jawbone. So overdentures have far better retention compared to complete dentures.


If you wish to have an implant supported overdenture, your Precision dentist will conduct a full assessment to verify your suitability for this treatment. This ensures we can deliver exactly the results you expect, and we demand.


During the assessment, your dentist will need to ensure there is enough bone left to install the implants, and that you have enough good quality tooth roots that are free of infection and without prior root canal treatments.

How do overdentures work?


We offer two types of implant-supported overdenture, with your Precision dentist recommending either ball-retained or bar-retained systems depending on your specific treatment needs. Both types of overdenture are manufactured from an acrylic base designed to look like gum, and porcelain or acrylic teeth which give a natural tooth appearance.


If you are suitable for overdentures, at least two dental implants will also be installed in the jawbone in order to provide enough support for the overdenture itself.


Ball-retained overdentures possess a socket that is attached to up to five implants that have been placed in the mouth. Alternatively, bar-retained dentures include a thin metal bar that follows the curve of the jaw, with the dentures held in place by fitted clips.

How long does the overdenture procedure take?


Although the timeframe can vary between individuals, it could take around three to six months including implant surgeries and the installation of the overdenture

What does the overdenture process entail?

Step 1.

You’ll be invited to attend an initial consultation to determine your suitability for this treatment journey. During this appointment, a Precision professional will review your medical and dental records and take X-rays and impressions of your teeth – this means detailed, accurate models can then be created by the laboratory for your custom smile restoration.

Step 2.

Following this, a cone beam CT scan may be carried out to make sure there is enough bone available to install the dental implants, as well as establish the exact location of the sinuses and nerves so they can be avoided throughout the procedure.


The entire process should take around four visits to complete, but your Precision practitioner will create a temporary denture for you to wear throughout the process so you can continue your day-to-day life with confidence.

Step 3.

The initial surgery will involve the placement of the implants in the jawbone, where an incision is made in the gum in order to place the implants.


Following this procedure, you must avoid putting pressure on the newly installed implants to speed up healing time and limit the feeling of discomfort.

Step 4.

After the healing process is complete and the implants have fused with the jawbone, your Precision professional will carry out a second surgery.  In this surgery, the tops of the implants are revealed by making a small incision into the gums where a healing collar is placed to allow the gum to heal in the correct manner and make room for the fixture of the overdentures.


In the final months of the process, the teeth are secured into the overdenture framework correctly, creating a completely new smile for the patient.

How do I take care of Overdentures?


For the best results, you’ll need to remove your overdentures at night and carry out good denture cleaning to ensure the fixtures stay in good condition for the long-term. The implants should also be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent the onset of infection.


You’ll be invited to attend regular check-ups at the Precision clinic following your Overdentures treatment to keep your implants in the best possible working order.

We offer (12 months 0% interest) finance and instalment plans


To make your journey to a superior smile as stress free as possible, we offer a range of 0% APR finance and instalment plans which allow you to spread the cost of your treatment in a manageable way and interest-free for 12 Months.


Finance can typically be arranged within 24 hours. If you opt to pay in instalments, 50% of the treatment cost must be paid upfront with the balance to be paid over the agreed timeframe.

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Is Implant Treatment Right For Me?