Determining The Correct Treatment

Your journey to the perfect smile with Precision will be carefully planned based on your own individual needs. However, the process to determining the correct treatment and undertaking any needed orthodontic or cosmetic dentist will broadly follow four simple steps:

Step 1


Your initial consultation takes around 30 minutes and will include a brief assessment of your possible treatment needs and general information regarding the next steps. You’ll also have time to share any concerns you may have or ask your Precision consultant any questions. At the end of the consultation you may be referred for x-rays at our radiology centre depending on the recommended treatment. There is a fixed £50 fee for the consultation.

Step 2

Full Case Assessment

In this one-hour appointment, your Precision professional will take photos, make impressions for study models, conduct an intraoral and extraoral examination, discuss your needs in more depth, provide treatment options and alternatives, outline costs and requirements, talk about your expectations, objectives of the treatment limitations, establish a treatment plan, refer as required and send records to specific labs for manufacturing of appliances where necessary. A full case report will be prepared.

Step 3

Typically, the first appointment after the full case assessment marks the start of your treatment.

1. Orthodontics

If you are having Invisalign or Harmony (lingual braces), your photos and impressions will have been sent to the lab already. This appointment will take place when we receive your custom braces so that they can be fitted. For conventional systems upper and lower braces are fitted at this third appointment.

2. Restorative Treatments (Implants / Bone Grafting)

Surgery has been planned and at this appointment implant placement is usually carried out.

3. Cosmetic Dentistry

The vast majority of cosmetic procedures are very straight forward and your clinician will commence treatments as soon as a treatment plan has been agreed. For slightly more complex procedures such as dental Veneers, you can expect light preparatory works, teeth and mouth impressions to take place.

Step 4

Further appointments/reviews

Additional appointments and review timeframes will vary based on your specific treatment plan.

1. Orthodontics

Monthly reviews for conventional braces and lingual braces (Harmony) are required every 4-8 weeks. If you have the Invisalign braces, your reviews are less frequent and will take place every 10-20 weeks.

2. Restorative Treatments (Implants / Bone Grafting)

You will have reviews from two weeks after implant placement to remove stitches and assess healing. After 10 weeks, another review will be carried out to assess implant stability and place healing abutment. At 14 weeks, we’ll again assess implant stability and take impressions. At 16 weeks, final restorative work (such as implant crown, implant bridge, overdenture) will take place.

3. Cosmetic Dentistry

Usually, 2 to 3 weeks after primary procedures (such as dental veneers) your clinician will advise follow-up appointments to evaluate all treatments are looking and performing perfectly. Any problems or concerns will be discussed and addressed accordingly.