Tooth loss can be a very worrying time for most patients. However, due to the development of implantology, we can now offer you the option of a fully functioning set of permanent dental implants instead of dentures or dental bridges. Once a dental implant is fitted it is near impossible to tell the difference between that and any remaining teeth. If you’re considering this type of treatment, consult one of our experienced, highly trained team to ensure great, natural looking results and longevity. Simply book a consultation to begin your journey and find out more about the best implant option for your needs.

Specialist dental implant treatments available at Precision Orthodontics

Restoring a beautiful smile

Whether it is one or multiple implants or a full arch our expert cosmetic dentists and orthodontists can give you back your smile and your confidence. Implants can be used to replace and support individual crowns or bridges and support from adjacent healthy teeth is not necessary. Implants can support bridges very well. Often it is not necessary to use an implant for every tooth when several teeth are missing.


Your carefully considered Precision dental implants will blend in with your natural teeth and be fully functioning. The implant crowns will be specially selected to match the aesthetics of your remaining teeth in size, shape, and shade. With exacting attention to detail as standard, you can be confident care will be taken to ensure that your dental implant integrates seamlessly with your own teeth for total confidence every time you smile or speak.

Implant Success

Implant success rates are incredibly high, with current research citing a 95% survival rate for implants up to 20 years later. For implant success to be long lasting, proper care and maintenance is vital – often cleaning will be more meticulous than that of your own teeth and we advise regular hygiene therapy to prevent gum disease from affecting the implant.


Our preferred implant system boasts very impressive success rates, allowing us to put you on the path to a confident smile for years to come. As with all dental treatment, your orthodontist will provide you with clear instructions for maintaining your smile to ensure your treatment continues to live up to expectations.

Bone loss

For long term success, implants require sufficient thickness of bone to give stability to the implant and overlying gums.


Loss of bone volume is common when a patient’s teeth are extracted or have been missing for some time. In these situations, the bone thickness has to be increased so that there is less chance of gum recession, especially in the long-term. Often, your Precision orthodontist can add biological filler at the same time as implant placement to increase the bone thickness. This is covered with a barrier membrane so that only bone grows into the material and not gum.


If there is insufficient bone for implant placement, a preliminary bone graft may have to be performed. In certain circumstances bone grafting can be avoided by use of pink gum coloured material on the bridge or denture to simulate the missing gum.


Rest assured that everything will be discussed full at your initial consultation. Your experienced Precision orthodontist will provide you with recommendations and suggestions, outline options and implications and advise on the best course of action for your specific needs.

Dental finance options

We understand that dental implants can be a costly procedure. We offer a range of dental finance plans to help our patients spread the cost in a manageable way. Your orthodontist will outline treatment costs and finance options if needed during your consultation.

Dental Implant

Dental implants provide a long lasting and aesthetic solution for missing or severely broken teeth.

Over 100 different implant systems are currently in use around the world but only a handful of these are backed by credible dental research. Even fewer implant systems have any substantial long-term follow up evidence to support their use on patients.


Our insistence on premium treatment options coupled with the very latest in orthodontic technology means you can have complete confidence in Precision dental implants. We have selected the most modern, top of the range dental implants from Straumann and Nobel Biocare – the world’s leading dental implant companies, backed by clinical and scientific evidence.


Straumann and Nobel Biocare implant systems are powered by decadesof cutting edge dental research. Numerous independent scientific studies have backed their use and, with such extensive research to their credit, we believe that these implant systems, are the most thoroughly documented, clinically validated, peer reviewed and research proven implant systems on the market today. Our clients expect nothing less and our orthodontists will not use anything other.

Restorative Treatment (12 Months 0% Interest) Payment Plans


Due to the complex nature of restorative treatments, we understand that finances may be an issue. To make it easier to obtain the smile you’ve always wanted, we offer a range of 0% finance plans to spread the cost in a manageable way, along with options to pay for your treatment in instalments. Taking out a plan over a period that suits you ensures that you get the treatment you need, interest-free for 12 Months.


This allows patients to pay for treatment as and when they receive it rather than in a lump sum. If you opt to pay in instalments, 50% of the treatment cost must be paid upfront with the balance to be paid over the agreed timeframe. If you’d like more information about payment options or finance, simply contact us.

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