Sinus Lift Surgery

Individuals who have previously been told they were unable to receive dental implant in their upper jaw after losing a tooth may qualify for a sinus lift, which can be provided by a Precision practitioner to help improve the appearance of your smile.

What’s A Sinus Lift


Sinus lift is a bone grafting procedure that can be utilised to create the preferred five-millimetre bone needed to install a dental implant for a missing upper tooth by moving the sinus membrane upward and fitting additional bone between the upper jaw and maxillary sinuses.


The sinus lift bone augmentation procedure can provide significant benefits for individuals who have lost their upper molars due to periodontal gum disease or a physical accident.


Patients planning to undergo the Sinus lift procedure will receive a number of X-rays in preparation to ensure their specialist oral surgeon can thoroughly study their jaw and sinus anatomy. In addition, a cone beam CT scan will be carried out at the Precision clinic to allow measurement of the height and width of the current bone, as well as assess the overall health of the sinus.


During the sinus lift surgery, your oral surgeon will make an incision into the cheek side of the upper jaw within the mouth where the location of the dental implant has been arranged. As a result, they will have increased access to the patient’s jaw bone that lies under the flap of gum. As the complete sinus lift surgery is carried out inside the mouth, there will not be any skin scarring afterwards.


Following this, the exposed bone is cut carefully to access the sinus membrane lining at the top to allow it to be pushed inward and upward into the sinus cavity. The membrane is then lifted to a higher level, which allows the new space to be packed with bone graft material for the fixture of a dental implant.

In special cases, your dentist will be able to install the dental implant at the same time as the sinus lift is performed. However, in the majority of instances there will be a healing period of between six and nine months depending on the type of material used to create the bone graft.


Your oral surgeon will request a follow-up appointment after two weeks to remove stitches and assess the healing progress of the affected area. Patients will be then asked to return on a regular basis so we can carefully monitor their progress.


In recent years, specialists have more commonly adopted the use of growth factor proteins, which help the newly added bone to harden over a shorter period. Taken from a patient’s blood before surgery and mixed with the graft placed in the sinus, the engineered protein is available for bone formation without the grafting.


If you’d like to find out more about sinus lift surgery at Precision, contact us to arrange a free consultation.

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