The teeth-in-a-day concept

Precision Orthodontics offers the innovative teeth-in-a-day or all-on-4 concept is a popular clinical solution developed by Nobel Biocare to maximise the use of available bone and allow immediate rehabilitation for those requiring implants. It is a very flexible procedure and avoids the need for bone grafting procedures, sinus lifts and waiting periods. Precision Orthodontics teeth-in-a-day treatments can provide our patients with immediate, fixed same day teeth using dental implants.

Clinical indications for same-day teeth


We understand that missing or failing teeth can erode your confidence and leaving you feeling anxious and uncomfortable when smiling. Dental implants have long been the permanent solution to replace teeth lost to accident, disease or decay. At Precision we offer placement of crowns and bridges immediately after dental implant surgery using techniques like the all-on-4. This means our experienced team can help you rebuild your smile and enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile in just one day.


Our orthodontists often recommend All-on-4 to help patients with bone mass issues without the need for costly bone grafting – which can be painful and take months to heal. This means you can trust our experienced team to welcome you in the morning and wave goodbye as you leave with brand new teeth the same afternoon.

How is all-on-4 carried out?


As with all treatment plans, your journey to a new smile via all-on-4 begins with an assessment of your teeth. This allows us to check your suitability for the treatment. Your specialist orthodontist will look for cases where most or all of the teeth in any jaw have been lost or are soon to be lost. The loss could be due to decay, gum disease, or cases where there is a lot of bone loss.


Following this, we will arrange for a CT scan to assess your bone quality and quantity, remove any hopeless teeth and place a minimum of four implants in your jaw during a morning session.


A full arch fixed acrylic bridge will be constructed in our state of the art lab. This is then attached to your implants in the afternoon session. All that remains is for you to enjoy your new natural smile.

We offer (12 months 0% interest) finance and instalment plans


To make your journey to a superior smile as stress free as possible, we offer a range of 0% APR finance and instalment plans which allow you to spread the cost of your treatment in a manageable way and interest-free for 12 Months.


Finance can typically be arranged within 24 hours. If you opt to pay in instalments, 50% of the treatment cost must be paid upfront with the balance to be paid over the agreed timeframe.

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Is Implant Treatment Right For Me?

Is Implant Treatment Right For Me?