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We want your journey with us to be comfortable, informed and assured every step of the way. Our warm, friendly and experienced dentists and clinicians tailor their approach, so you’ll enjoy a personalised, bespoke pathway to your dream smile, whatever your treatment option or procedure.

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Contact us

It’s quick and easy to get in touch with us, using the medium that suits you best. Connect with us through our site, send us an email, give us a call or visit us at the Precision Orthodontics practice. However, you prefer to reach out, we’re ready to guide you on your journey to better oral health and a beautiful smile.

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Medical History Form

We ask every new patient to complete a medical history form. This is an essential document and helps us to ensure we provide you with the best possible care.

Step 3

We offer five types of appointment for your convenience:

1. Free consultation (10 min)

We offer complimentary appointments to new patients. This is an informal chat to get to know each other. At this first meeting, we’ll take the time to understand your needs and provide general information and guidance to help you embark on the next stage of your journey.

2. Consultation (30min)

Our 30-minute consultation is ideal if you’d like to discuss a specific problem or learn about a specific type of treatment. We allow ample time to discuss treatment needs and options, but your highly experienced dentist or clinician will also be on hand to give you advice, discuss treatment costs, payment options and outline next steps. Our dentist/specialist will carry out a brief intraoral assessment too. There is a fixed £50 fee for the consultation.

3. New patient examination and/or routine examination (30min)

This appointment is offered when you’re in need of a routine check-up. Your dentist will review and update your medical and dental history and conduct an intraoral and extraoral assessment. Photos and radiographs (x-rays) may be required for diagnostic and treatment planning purposes. In addition to the examination itself, you’ll also be able to discuss any problems or issues impacting your oral health that may require treatment.

4. Full Case Assessment (60min)

If you require a complex treatment or specialist orthodontist care, we have developed a full care assessment. This appointment is incredibly detailed and includes both an intraoral and extraoral examination, photos, impressions and radiographs. The Precision Orthodontics team will conduct a thorough assessment and detailed analysis and we’ll call on our combined experience and expertise to design the most effective and efficient personalised treatment plan. Following your Full Case Assessment, a detailed written report and treatment plan will be emailed to you. We’re also here to discuss our recommendations after you’ve reviewed the report, ensuring you feel fully informed and confident in your decision and care before starting your treatment with us.

5. Emergency appointment

If you require urgent care please contact us with a brief explanation of the problem. This will allow us to deliver the best possible service during your emergency appointment.

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Step 4

Treatment appointments

No two mouths are the same and no two treatment plans are identical. With our signature exacting attention to detail, your treatment appointment will be carefully tailored to your specific journey with us. The appointment will be built around the type of treatment you’re receiving and considerations such as the systems and materials used.


We want you to feel fully informed, confident and engaged at every stage of your Precision journey. Here, we’ve outlined two typical pathways to help you envisage the nature of your own treatment.


1st – Fit Appointment

Whether you have chosen to have Invisalign, traditional or lingual braces, we’ll conduct a fit appointment to apply the braces and give your detailed care and use instructions.

2nd – Review

Your orthodontist will review your braces monthly and will then ask you to return every 4, 6 or 8 weeks for further reviews.

3rd – Debonding Appointment

Once you are happy with how your teeth look and how your bite feels, your braces can be removed. Your orthodontist will also remove any attachments and polish off the glue used to bond braces to your teeth.

4th – Photos & Impressions

Final photos and impressions are taken after your braces have been removed. These will often be used to help make your final retainer.

5th – Retention

Your beautiful, healthy smile will need ongoing help from retainers to keep your teeth in the correct position and wonderfully straight. Your orthodontist will discuss the different types of retainers available and will advise which one is best suited to your own teeth.

Dental Implants

1st – Implant Placement

The first stage of dental implants is to carefully place the implants in your mouth to restore missing teeth. Once your dentist is satisfied the implant is perfectly positioned, a cover screw is applied. The gum is then carefully stitched over it.

2nd – Review

A review appointment is conducted after 2 or 4 weeks. Radiographs are often required at this stage.

3rd – Placing Healing Abutment(s)

Two to six months after your initial dental placement, healing abutment(s) are placed to create a good emergence profile of the gum in preparation for the final implant crown or bridge.

4th – Photos & Impressions

We’ll ask you to return two to four weeks after your healing abutment placement appointment. This allows us to take photos and impressions. These are sent to the dental laboratory so that manufacturing of the final prosthesis can begin.

5th – Fitting of Crowns, Bridges or Dentures

The final step is to fit the final prosthesis which can be a crown, a bridge or a denture depending on each specific case.

Cosmetic Dentistry

1st – Veneer Preparation + Impressions

Even at this early stage you will get a good idea of what the final result will look like (shape and size of teeth) through a mock up produced by our dental laboratory. The mock up will be used by your clinician to determine the correct fit and shade of veneers. Your teeth will then be minimally prepared, with new impressions taken for final manufacture. For protection, temporary veneers may be required between treatments.

2nd – Veneer Cementation

At this appointment any temporary veneers will be removed. In order to evaluate fit and aesthetics, all veneers are placed without bonding first. Only when you and your dentist are happy with everything, the veneers and the teeth are prepared for permanent bonding. Polishing and final adjustments are performed to finish the treatment.

3rd – Review + Photos

In as little as 2 to 3 weeks after placement, a full and comprehensive review will be carried out by your clinician. This is simply to make sure everything is looking and performing perfectly. Any problems or concerns will be discussed and addressed accordingly. Final photos will be taken.

Step 5


We’re here after your treatment ends to help you maintain your smile and your oral health.

Step 6

Post-treatment reviews


Post-treatment reviews are particularly important in the first few months after your orthodontics treatment takes place. We will ask you to come for reviews at 3-6-12 months after your retainers have been fitted.

Restorative (Dental Implants / Bone Grafting)

Regular reviews are especially important the first year after your treatment takes place. Your dentist will invite you to attend a post-treatment review 3-6-12 months after the final prosthesis are fitted.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Routine dentistry examinations should take place every 3-6-9-12-18 or 24 months. Your dentist will advise on the most appropriate schedule of care, taking into account your specific needs.